Working with an Event Agency


Working with an Event Agency

OK! I admit it! Chill Out are an event agency and we want your business. So I’m not going to tell you that working with an events agency is a ‘bad thing’. In fact, our customers regularly tell us that working with Chill Out is a ‘good thing’ – an experience they are often happy to repeat year on year, taking us with them as they move companies.  

So why should you work with an events agency and what can you expect that you can’t do for yourself? What should you be asking us when you review your shortlist of agencies?

1. Running events is what we do.

It’s our core business. What’s your core business? Selling software and IT? Managing Cloud deployments? Delivering services? Manufacturing consumer products? Unless you’re another agency reading this blog (Hi – come and join us!) it isn’t ‘running events’. If you have one, ask your logistics manager who they outsource their fleet management to. If you’re in software, ask the developers if they use ‘off-shoring’ – hmm, maybe not that one!  

2. But marketing run our events.

Even if you’re in the marketing department of your company, is it your core competency? Should it be? Your key objectives may be to grow the business and generate leads and contacts for sales, but executing events – exhibitions, road shows, conferences, executive breakfasts, lunches and the rest – are just one tactical option in your marketing mix. Shipping handouts and building stages are just deliverables, especially if they’re needed across countries or continents.

3. You get to attend and enjoy your own events.

Events are hard work and long hours. Anyone who has been up until 2am stuffing delegate bags only to be back on the registration desk at 8am the next morning to hand them out with a smile knows that! Of course everyone else thinks it all happens by magic – invitations are sent, the exhibition stands get built, the stages are set, the audience seats itself, the food is ready, the presentations are loaded, the guest speakers is – oh no, now where has he gone?! It all just appears as the lights go down and the music comes up, ready for the CEO to walk on stage, search for the teleprompter (because he was too busy for speaker rehearsals!) and say ‘Welcome everyone!’ Outsourcing all that to an event agency means you get to enjoy your own event, stand back and accept the kudos – we make sure you get the plaudits, it’s on our checklist!

4. Checklists

We have checklists for everything. Pages and pages of them. Every time we run an event we still manage to find something else to add. It’s our value add – it embodies the experience that is the value of our company. It’s our unrivalled attention to every detail that makes an event run smoothly. That’s not to say that you don’t have the same ability – some of our clients are just as picky as we are. It’s a matter of knowing all the details to attend to – and which ones can very quickly bite you on the backside if you miss them. And it means that everyone knows what they’re doing – either we’re doing it or you’re doing it – but let’s not both do it! It does mean we’ll be chasing you for deliverables, but at least you can relax knowing we’ll chase you.

5. Saving you money and exceeding expectations.

It’s difficult to accept that paying agency fees can save you money. I’m pleased to say that many of our clients have done exactly that when working with us. Whether it’s knowing which venues to negotiate with, or choosing when to negotiate; knowing the best AV and display suppliers and putting enough business through them to get the best prices; or avoiding potentially damaging clauses and timescales in contracts, giving our clients the maximum flexibility in tuning their event. We run a tight ship and demand the very best of our suppliers. We have an enviable network of local and global suppliers for every element of every type of event. We can and do save our clients’ money and deliver the best events possible, often exceeding their expectation for what might be achieved within their budget.

The proof of all this is that most of our clients have stayed with us for many years and our business has grown alongside theirs. One large multi-national outsourced their event activity and logistics to us and we are an integral part of many of our clients’ marketing teams. If you’re a new client, we know that our first meeting is likely to be the start of a long relationship so we put a lot of work into getting it right, making it a ‘good thing’ right from the start.

Truffle doesn’t write our blogs on her own. These anecdotes and experiences are gathered from the whole team while doing our day (and often late evening and early morning!) job of running great events for our wonderful Customers. We hope they interest, educate and amuse you. If you have a particular question for us, just email Truffle at

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