Chill Out! Certification helps meet Supplier Diversity goals.

Women Owned Certified

Chill Out! Certification helps meet Supplier Diversity goals.

As a 100% women owned business, Chill Out! is extremely proud to have been sponsored through WE Connect certification by Intel, a global corporation that takes diversity goals very seriously. Chill Out! is owned by marketing professionals and long-term friends Julie Binding and Sam Stirrup. “We wanted to build the agency we could never find when we were customers,” says Julie. Achieving certification supports Intel, Dell and our other enterprise customers in meeting their diversity goals. “We are very excited by the opportunities of Certification and looking forward to working with like minded women entrepreneurs,” adds Sam.

Over recent years, multi-national corporations have made good progress in maintaining gender and ethnic minority diversity balance. Diversity is no longer an option, it is a business imperative with goals and measures at the highest level. For many, these measures now extend out to their supply chain and companies are taking a hard look at the diversity balance of their product and services suppliers. One area with particular challenges is gender equality in business ownership, especially since women in leadership positions are still in the minority. Chill Out’s new certification helps customers meet their goals and demonstrate their commitment to equality and diversity.

WEConnect International in Europe is the leading global supplier diversity initiative and Europe’s leading advocate of women-owned businesses as suppliers to global and national corporations and government bodies. They work with multinationals and government departments who recognise the benefits of widening access to their supply chains. Their mission is to ensure that majority-women-owned businesses (51%+) are given fair and equal access to corporate and public sector procurement opportunities locally, nationally and internationally. They also ensure that corporate and government agencies throughout Europe, understand and are able to benefit from the diversity, innovation and brand value-add that women-owned businesses bring.

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